Thursday, 14 March 2013

Scott McKendrick's gallery

I had a long chat on the club's behalf with Scott McKendrick at his art gallery in Dalry yesterday.  The gallery address, if you wish to visit, is 20 -22 New street, Dalry, and the gallery's name is 20-22 New Street, Dalry Art Gallery.  Scott likes to keep thing simple!
Scott is a talented artist himself, although his work is more contemporary than the work that we produce.  He has some fantastic ideas on art and is very enthusiastic about his gallery.  There are some photographs below which I took to give you a flavour of what he has to offer.

Scott is looking for some work to hang and has invited our club to submit work for consideration.  He is hoping to use the larger of his rooms as a gallery for work that is priced at £100 or less.  Anything will be considered though.

To submit work to Scott is quite simple.  As he runs the gallery alone, the hanging committee consists of one person - himself.

He asks that you send him a photograph of your work by email to him at this address . . .

Say who you are and that you are a member of the NCAC.  You should also incude the dimensions of the picture and the fee that you wish to sell it for.  Scott has said that he will add a hanging fee of £30 to the price of the work.

Please do consider going along to the gallery, but in the mean time, here are the photographs that I took.


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Critique night 2013

Hi there!  Another full house last week for the critique night.  Many thanks to you all for bringing along your work.  It looks as if the exhibition this year is going to be a cracker.

Jim Butler did a great job on the critique.  I found myself wondering what different things he could say about each piece, but his experience as a teacher for many years shone through.  He touched on lots of points and his critique was always 'gentle' and 'encouraging'.

He worked at a steady pace, never rushing, and managed to talk in length about every single piece of art that was brought along.  A job well done, I am sure you will agree.

Here are some photographs from the night, including a picture of Jim's own work 'The thin red line', which will be on display with many of his other painting at the Harbour Arts Centre in August.


Please go along to the HAC and enjoy more of his work.  August is also the time of year for our own exhibition.  Handing in times for the exhibition were published in the last post of this blog.

Next week's AGM night will be rounded off by a presentation in the Art of Silhouette Cutting.  I will be hosting this.  Not to be missed, this is an excellent chance to learn about this beautiful art form.  Do come along.