Sunday, 5 August 2012


Welcome to the world of blogging.  This is the official New Cunninghame Art Club's blog.  It is easily accessible to all members, just add this Link to your favourites.

I am Brian Morrison and I will be the author of the Club's blog, which is going to be a sort of newsletter about all that is going on within the club throughout the year.  I already have some photographs from the exhibition opening night, which will be posted here soon, along with a report on how the exhibition was attended and how successful things were with sales etc.

I also hope to keep members up to date with demo night reports and photographs.  If you liked what you have seen at a demo night, pop in here and read about the artist and view the photographs taken on the night.  I would also like to share your views here on anything to do with the club.  Just let me know what you wish to be added to the blog and I will endeavour to display it here.

I am sure that this will be a valuable addition to the club and it is only a click away.

Best Wishes


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