Sunday, 27 January 2013

Happy New Year

Well here we are in a brand new year.  Apologies to everyone who has looked in on the blog over the last six weeks and found nothing had been added.
Personally, I had a really busy time over the festive period, as I am sure you all did.  Missed the first demo of the year, but I am glad to say that I was present for the second.

James Orr presented a very informative talk and demonstration.  He is a laid back chap who obviously loves what he is doing.  A "Madey up landscape" was the subject.  Acrylic was the medium.  James made it all look so easy.  He confessed that, although the subject matter came from his imagination, he had painted the same scene many times as a demo.  Thursday night's painting didn't quite get to the completed stage, but he had, in Blue Peter style, brought along one that he had made earlier.  Everyone loved his work.  There were other paintings on display around the room and there was also a very well presented brochure that James had created on his PC.

He stated that he likes to keep things simple.  To prove this, he went on to show us that he only works in two board sizes, and these are cut from MDF.  His palette is restricted mostly to the three primary colours with an occasional greem here and there.

The time seemed to fly pass very quickly, which is always a good sign.  Please have a look below at some of the pictures taken on the night,

The one "Done earlier".
Thanks to all the member who have commented about the blog.  Hopefully it will become a useful tool for passing on information, especially at the time between the end of season and the exhibition.  I will endeavor to keep you all up to date with preparations for the exhibition and any other news coming from the comittee meetings.
It was decided on Thursday night that there would be no end-of-season dinner this year.  This was due to a lack of numbers. 
I still have my Galleries on here.  If you would like to share something with us all, please send it to me as a jpeg and I will place it in the appropriate gallery for you.  Why not give us all a preview of what you intend to exibit this year.  A 'Work in progrtess' would also be of great interest to our fellow members.  Take photographs at different stages and email them all to me.  Why should all our demonstrators be 'hired in'?  There are plenty of skilled artists in the club who could teach us their techniques on this blog in step by step pictures.  I am a caricaturist and silhouette artist.  If anyone would like step by step pictures on this please let me know.
Thanks for looking in.  The days are stretching now, so hopefully those creative juices will be flowing.
Happy painting!

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