Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Big thanks for your contributions

We had quite a few very nice comments about the quality of the work that was on show at this year's exhibition at the Heritage Centre in Saltcoats.  Well done all of you.
I took as many photographs of individual work that I could, and once I have cropped them and picked out the clearest pics, I will hang them in our very own galleries in this blog.  There are a handful who don't want their paintings on here, and I will respect your wishes and leave them out.

If I have any enquiries about purchasing these paintings I will be sure to contact you.  Susan sent me some oil paintings for show in the gallery.  Thanks for that Susan.  I have posted a couple of them below.  The rest will be on display in the gallery.  You can see them by clicking HERE

Alexander Park Winter Dawn
Painted using a photo taken by my daughter, Laura, who lives in Glasgow and got up very early to take this photo.

A friend, Brett, gave me a photo he had taken of this cheetah which was in a wildlife centre in Africa. It had been injured and was being rehabilitated back to the wild. I would like to think it is now back on the plains, free.
I would also like to thank the staff at the Heritage Centre, Norma, Hazel, Andrew and Mark, for all their hard work during our Exhibition week.
The committee will be meeting soon to discuss the exhibition and to plan for our forthcoming season, which starts on 3rd October.  I will keep you all up to date with the plans.

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