Tuesday, 4 September 2012

First bit of news today.  I have copied an email that I received from Robert Clayton.  Here it is below .  .  .

The Dalry Art Club members would like to take the opportunity to invite the people of the town and all interested persons to come and view some locally produced works of art. The clubs last exhibition received many positive comments from those who kindly took time to visit, finding the exhibits proficient and of a high standard.
The club members will hope to repeat or better the standard of work to be displayed this year in order to provide viewing enjoyment to those who visit.
The exhibition will run from Monday 10thSeptember till Saturday 15th September and this year is to be held in the Masonic Lodge, New Street, Dalry. Viewing times will be 2pm till 5pm and 6pm till 9pm Monday to Friday with Saturday seeing the exhibition open from 9.0am till at 11am.

Hopefully some of you will go along and support our neighbouring art colleagues.

Talking about exhibitions . . . please remember that you have your own space on this newsletter where you can display your work for all to see.  The good thing about this type of exhibition is that it is here forever!  Just email me a photograph of your artwork and I will publish it in the relevant gallery.  If I don't have a specific page for your type of work, I will create a new one for you.  I may start things off by posting one of my watercolours into the watercolour gallery.  These pages are always on show on the top right of the blog.  Check it out from time to time.
My thanks to Robert for the email about the Dalry exhibition.  This is exactly the thing that I have been looking for.  With the demo nights approaching, I am going to have plenty to write about, but please remember that this is your Newsletter, so hit me with as many news snippets that you want - even if it is only to promote your own work.

Now for my own little tip for you all.  Did you know that creating artwork through copying from magazine photographs is illegal?  You can land yourself in a spot of bother if the painting is a sold.  I have joined a wonderful internet site called Paint my Photo.  You will find a direct link to the site by clicking HERE

The site is run by English artist, Roy Simmons.  It is free to join, with an option to donate if you wish.  This site is a coming together of photographers and artists from all over the world.  Any photograph that is published on the site is copyright free for artists to use.  There art some fabulous examples on here.  (Around 1,700 last time I looked.  You can narrow your search down too, if you are looking for a specific motif.  Each photographer and artist has their own page where they can display their work.  There are many categories too.  For artists we have the 'Loose watercolour group', 'Detailed Watercolour group', 'Oil painting group' and many many more.  You can ask for help too if you are struggling with a technique.  Some of you might find the photography groups useful too.  Have a look.  It is very easy to join and there is no pressure on you at any time.
By the way, some groups also run a monthly challenge, where everyone is invited to work on a theme or specific photographs.

Just to finish for this Newsletter, here are some more photographs from the Saltcoats summer exhibition. 

Speak to you all later.

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