Saturday, 20 October 2012

David Reid, portrait artist

Hi fellow artists.  It was David Reid who stepped in at the eleventh hour this week to provide us with a demonstrating artist.  Thanks David.  We were thrilled with your work.
David did a charcoal portrait of an elderly gentleman who had been photographed in a stark side-on light.  There was plenty of scope for David to bring out the 3 dimensional effect of the man's features.

After the careful measuring process David blocked in the darker areas and established the position of the features.

Sorry about those balloons by the way.  I should have removed them.

The picture above shows David's technique well.  He held the charcoal stick at the end and let the weight of the stick create the marks.  He provided us with a commentary on what he was doing, which is always a bonus.

David spent some time creating the darker shape on the right side of the head and refining the overall outline.  After some time on the eyes, he blocked in the whole face in a light cross-hatch technique, establishing the mid tones,  He informed us that he would be using the putty rubber in the next step.

When David started to work on the drawing with his putty rubber squashed into a desired shape, we all began to see the picture coming to life.  He worked between removing dust and adding tiny dark lines.  The final result was magnificent.

And here it is.

Thanks once again, David.  
You can keep up to date with his activities by visiting his blog.  Click on the link HERE


I will be doing a lecture/demonstration/workshop on the art of Silhouette Cutting on the 15th November at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Alloway.  Contact Hannah Teesdale to book your place if you feel like coming along.

Here is the flier...

That's my plug out the way!  Now for something extra special.
Ever fancied a trip to France for a painting holiday?  Well I have just the experience for you right here. is a chance to make that dream holiday a reality.  The location is superb.  BANDOUILLE is the home of Bix & Drew Nash.  They have renovated an old monastery by a lake in the Poitou Charentes region of France.

They can host groups of artists on week-long holiday slots throughout next year.  Check out the site above.
How does this sound?  Five ensuite guest bedrooms, a farmhouse kitchen, formal dining room, refectory hall and grand lounge.  
The site gives you much more information, including nearest airports.  There are guest tutors invited along for certain weeks throughout the season, but you can be guaranteed lots of studio work, plein air work and socialising throughout your stay.
If you do get in touch with Bix, mention my name.  She will be thrilled.  (Won't get you a discount though, unfortunately.)

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