Sunday, 4 November 2012

Janet Forry

What can I say?  We had to go looking for extra seats, such was the popularity of last week's demo.

The artist was Janet Forry, who came along and enthralled us all with her skills.  Janet visited the club last November and did a live oil portrait.  This year, her creation was a city street scene at night.  Times Square, New York.

Janet is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art.  She has studied illustration and animation.  She has been involved in producing animation for film and television.

As well as doing demos and commissions, she is the Art & Development Officer for East Renfrewshire for visual arts.

Her linen canvas had been prepared with a coat of black acrylic for the street scene.  Janet's palette was bright and colourful, which came as no surprise when you think of all those neon lights.

As with the portrait, she applied the paint direct with no pre drawing.  Her brushes were everywhere, gradually bringing the scene to life.  This technique is best shown in photographs.  So here are some shots that I took from my 'ringside' seat.


And finally the 'almost completed' painting.

Thanks once again Janet.  Can't wait to see what you produce next year.

Now some news of an exhibition coming up soon.  Here are the details . . .


The Champion Shell Inn
5 Schoolwell Street

18th - 21st November
Mon, Tues, Wed  6 - 10pm
Sun 1 - 9pm

Why not pop in and have a meal there too.  I have put forward this location as a contender for our end of season meal.

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